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March 23, 2023
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When it comes to betting, people tend to place wagers on more popular sports disciplines, as the more popular the sport – the higher the chances of winning a lot of money are. And while all over the world people tend to place wagers on soccer or basketball, in Bangladesh, the situation is a bit different, since in Bangladesh, people love placing wagers on cricket.

Cricket is one of the most popular sports disciplines of the whole world, in fact, it is the third most popular one. The rules are somewhat similar to baseball, but also are different.

Bangladeshi people love to place wagers on cricket since this is a national game in India, Bangladesh and other South Asian countries. Therefore, people from Bangladesh can not only place wagers to win money, but also to cheer for their national teams and to promote them in a way. Further in our article, we would like to tell you more about cricket betting in Bangladesh.

History of Cricket in Bangladesh

Cricket dates back to the 17th century. At first, it was a game among boys, since some of them wanted to throw the ball to the target and hit it, while others wanted to prevent that and hit the bowl away. From a simple game, cricket transformed to one of the most popular sports in the entire world.

Nowadays, cricket is hugely loved by millions of people for its thrill and excitement. These days, more and more teams appear and compete for the title of the best, and many various tournaments and leagues such as IPL, Twenty20, Ashes Series and others are held. The teams are training professionally all the time, since even one small mistake can lead the opposing team to victory. And for Bangladeshi people, betting on cricket is not only a way of winning money, but is also a way to support their home team, since many teams of cricket that compete on the professional level either come from India or Bangladesh. 

In the cricket match, on the field, you will see two teams playing against each other. The goal of the team is to score as many runs as possible, while preventing the other team from getting more runs themselves. Runs are earned either by hitting the bowl, or by running between wickets.

Criteria for a Good Online Bookie in Bangladesh

Good Online Bookie in Bangladesh

It is important to pick an online bookie that you can trust and use without the fear of wasting money or losing your account. This may seem easy at first, but, since there are tons of online bookies in Bangladesh these days, not all of them are worth the usage. While picking a bookmaker in Bangladesh, you should really focus on the following points:

  • Always consider the license and security. The number one priority you should look for while picking the bookmaker is its license. With the license, you can rest assured that the bookmaker is safe and legal to use, and that your money and data you put in while registering will not get stolen;
  • Check what tournaments/leagues the online bookie provides for cricket betting. If you want to place good bets, you should only pick from such online bookmaker that provide as much range of bets as possible, and in order for you to have such options, the bookmaker must provide cricket betting on all the most popular cricket tournaments and leagues, such as IPL, Twenty20, Ashes Series and others;
  • Check whether the bookie has a mobile app or not. This is not as important as other criteria, but it would be a good advantage nevertheless. If the online bookie offers a mobile app, it means that you will have the opportunity to get the app and start placing cricket bets at any place and time, no matter where you are in Bangladesh. Another advantage of the apps is that their functionality is the same as the website’s, meaning you will find all the same cricket bets.

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